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Excerpt from my book:

A field is an anomaly that cannot be accurately described, because
it must be felt. When the electricity in the air is so strong that people
look at each other and say What is that?, and there’s nothing to see or
hear or smell, they’re in a field. Everyone lives in their own field, but I
don’t notice most people’s or even my own unless I’m consciously paying
attention. Some human fields are so big they radiate for miles, and there
are countless non-human fields interacting with us. When the hairs on
the back of my neck stick up, or I get goosebumps for no reason, or I
feel suddenly joyful or tingly or short of breath, or my heart suddenly
starts beating faster, I’m feeling a field. It can be the field of a person or
of any of the countless energetic beings – each has its own field.
I looked to Merriam-Webster, where I always turn for something
profound in a definition, and loved what I read.
FIELD 1 a (2) : an area of land marked by the presence of particular
objects or features <dune fields>; 2 a : an area or division of an
activity; 3 : a space on which something is drawn or projected; 6 a :
a region or space in which a given effect (as magnetism) exists; 8 : a
complex of forces that serve as causative agents in human behavior.
A Summ er with My Father
My hunch is that the more powerful spirits create large fields,
energetic places in spacetime that keep the “real world” with its pain
and suffering and general problematic hardness at bay, or outside. When
I’m in a field it’s like being in an energetic bubble where everything
and everyone is peaceful, happy, and loving. Of course, there are also
unpleasant fields, like those pervaded by darkness and hopelessness,
which have terrified me. I wanted to believe they could no longer trap
me. I wanted to believe that the warmth and love I felt in this moment
would be with me forever.
The field of Haitian Vodou was electric and so alive it literally
took my breath away. The electric current that moved through me
cleansed my body. It was like an invisible Dr. McCoy scanning me with
a Star Trek tricorder to heal me of all physical, emotional, and mental
pain. It was a safe feeling – comfortable, peaceful, joyful, and full of
unconditional love. If nothing else happened in Haiti, if not one lwa
or gede had greeted me or blessed me or talked to me, the bliss of that
field would have been miracle enough. But I was only able to keep my
heart open and my mind sharp for a few minutes before contracting
thoughts entered my awareness. How often had I heard “If it’s too good
to be true, don’t trust it”? It did feel good, too good, like I should pinch
myself and wake up.