Announcing The Summer Recorrido

Today on the way out from our campsite we saw a converted school bus with solar and a sky light. It was great inspiration for the bus that we’ll be getting soon for our summer trip with the mamos and zagas from July 16 to September 9. Want to hop on the bus? Let me know!

Sedona is miraculously beautiful, but also strange. There are big box stores everywhere blocking the majestic rock formations and visits to places like “Montezuma Well” really call forth need for pagamento. It’s really painful to see sacred sites like these boxed-in and used as tourist attractions.

You can’t really see the water way in this image, but imagine a city in the desert, a true oasis where 1.5 million gallons of water A DAY flow 

We’ve been finding water everywhere we go and since we’re in the desert, that’s symbolic to me that we’re on the right track for our water training in July.


Area 51

Yes I actually did see a UFO unless anyone has familiarity with shooting stars going sideways and could prove me wrong.

I did not see the “tall whites” our government is working with – the ones who wear dark glasses to hide their enormous eyes & are very tall and thin with white blonde hair – but we never made in to LV proper either. Next time you visit LV here’s a final recognition tip – the “tall whites” don’t have the physiology for long strides – they do a sort of short stride shuffle – I have that on good authority.

I didn’t sample the alien fresh jerky (Text Alien to 72000 if you’d like to try) or the meteorite filtered vodka. I have my regrets.


It’s so great to get out of the Bay Area and have wide open space around us. We’ve been camping near Red Rock Canyon in Nevada for about a week. It’s incredible – the strata of gold red blue and green is visible for miles. A painters dream. We’ve been falling asleep looking at the stars every night. It’s so peaceful and rejuvenating to be close to nature.