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Why we’re going to the Black Hills

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Recently, satellites at the Eros Data Center, near Sioux Falls, South Dakota, photographed Paha Sapa from above. When the pictures were developed, scientists were shocked to learn that the Black Hills were the exact shape of the human heart. You could even see the chambers, veins, and arteries.

This finding gives new meaning to the statements of Lakota elders, the former guardians of Paha Sapa, who said all along that Paha Sapa was the heart of all there is. One might wonder how the ancients knew what the land looked like from above before the advent of airplanes. Ben First Eagle, who lives in the center of Paha Sapa, says that mystics had ways of seeing that are in the realm of the unbelievable. But, for the average person, this scientific data confirms the stories they were told.

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Announcing The Summer Recorrido

Today on the way out from our campsite we saw a converted school bus with solar and a sky light. It was great inspiration for the bus that we’ll be getting soon for our summer trip with the mamos and zagas from July 16 to September 9. Want to hop on the bus? Let me know!

Sedona is miraculously beautiful, but also strange. There are big box stores everywhere blocking the majestic rock formations and visits to places like “Montezuma Well” really call forth need for pagamento. It’s really painful to see sacred sites like these boxed-in and used as tourist attractions.

You can’t really see the water way in this image, but imagine a city in the desert, a true oasis where 1.5 million gallons of water A DAY flow 

We’ve been finding water everywhere we go and since we’re in the desert, that’s symbolic to me that we’re on the right track for our water training in July.